Blocked DrainGot a blocked drain? Don’t put up with it any longer. We can quickly fix blocked drains and get them flowing fast and free again. Aside from the inconvenience, blocked drains can lead to unhygienic conditions. Not just where they’re visible either. 

Blocked drains can have many causes. From tree roots that have forced their way inside piping, to a simple build-up of hair. Similarly, the appropriate solution varies depending on the type of blockage that’s occurred. Our Plumbers carry all the necessary equipment to assess and rectify drainage issues on the spot. 

We’ve never met a drain we couldn’t unblock though. So, don’t wait for the water to slowly drain away. Call us and we’ll be there as soon as practically possible.

Using the most high-tech camera systems available, we can pinpoint the exact location of a blockage before any digging is necessary. And with our hydro-jet pump, there may be no digging required at all. In some cases, a quick blast with our hydro-jet is enough to dislodge even the toughest of blockages and get that drain flowing freely again.

In some cases, it may not be possible to unblock the pipe. This is especially the case with old clay pipes that have broken and caved in. We can remove the old clay piping and replace it with tough, modern, PVC piping. Or, if the pipe is in a hard-to-reach location, we can often re-line the offending pipe to make it better than new.

We can also advise on inspection points. The raising of these points can make it easier to conduct inspections and maintenance in later years.


If you’ve got a Blocked drain, call us on 0421 792 975 and we’ll have it fixed up for you in no time. If you’d prefer, you can send us an email here. 

Do you have blocked drains or pipes in Adelaide or Surrounds?

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